June 24, 2015's Weekly Slap:

“Beach Slapped” is what it is because from the moment I first came to the Oregon Coast, most every moment I lived here, and even my last hours here, it was always about the beach. That wasn’t always true of my life, and perhaps that’s been my problem.

Growing up in Colorado, I was a long way from the beach. I don’t care what anyone says, lounging next to a giant lake/ civic water supply is not the beach.

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Random Strands

According to Dictionary.com, strand is both:
1) a thread or thread-like part of anything, or,
land bordering the sea, a lake, or a river; shore; beach.
     The writings below match up nicely with either definition as all of them take place near some body of water and they're all sort of random parts of my weird little world. Written for a variety of reasons, some were my take on the local history of Lincoln County, Oregon, a subject I have returned to more than once in my Beach Slapped columns. Others were columns I wrote just because something struck me as funny, but there was just never a reason to print.
     And the last, "The Flying Starfish of Death," was my first real attempt at humor writing. I'm proud to say people loved it, and I did, too. Both feelings gave me the confidence to believe I could actually do this on a regular basis -- usually.

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And the one that started it all: